Top 3 Strategies for Playing Baccarat

Do you want to play?

They say that the history of baccarat dates back to the ancient Roman traditions of worshiping the nine gods, when the dice, depending on the result of the throw, decided whether the girl intended for the gods would become a priestess or a victim. 

The first mention of modern baccarat dates back to the 19th century, and now this game is played online and live all over the world. In our article, we will tell you which baccarat strategy can be used by players.

Baccarat online tips

It doesn’t matter if you are playing e-baccarat or betting in a live casino, the strategy will be the same.

As with roulette strategies, there are many myths around baccarat: there is supposedly a win-win way to play that will be guaranteed to bring you a win. Alas, these are just myths, no strategist gives a 100% guarantee

Baccarat strategy tips for bankroll management

Therefore, the best way to build a strategy is to manage your bankroll. You can use many options for this:

  • Grind’s strategy. This is a way of playing when each bet should not exceed 5% of the pot, and if you win, the amount of the bet increases.
  • D’Alembert’s strategy. This is a way of playing when for each win the amount of the bet per unit decreases, and if it loses, it increases.
  • Flat strategy. This is a way of playing when the bankroll remains unchanged, and the player himself chooses the percentage of the bet.

Be that as it may, for your baccarat strategy tips to be winning and adequate to the rules, you need to take into account only one fact: the player does not make decisions during the game, except for the moment when he chooses whom to bet on.

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