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Baccarat is one of the simplest and fastest casino games. Here, as in any other game, the luck factor plays a key role. However, you can better structure your game by applying a baccarat tips strategy rather than relying on luck alone.

Tip 1. Play only for extra money

Set a certain amount of money that you are willing to spend in the game and NEVER exceed this amount! Never gamble for money that may be needed for serious needs: food, housing, bills, etc.

Tip 2. Trust no winning strategies

You can find many different strategies that promise big wins from the very first minutes of their application. Remember the following fact: baccarat, just like traditional and online slots, is a game of luck, not a skill.

Tip 3. Bet on the player

The best move in baccarat is to bet on the Player because if you win, the payouts are 1:1 and you practically don’t have to pay anything in commission. As we know, the commission for the Banker is 5%.

Tip 4: Never bet on a Tie

Statistics show that the chances of winning with a Tie bet are usually very small. This position wins very, very rarely.

Moreover, even if you win by betting on the Draw, you will have to pay the casino a huge commission of 14.4%. Think twice before betting on this option.

Tip 5. Play with fewer card decks

It is a well-known and proven fact — the fewer decks of cards are used in baccarat, the better your chances of winning. Therefore, the best recommendation from baccarat tips is to choose a baccarat table with fewer decks (usually it is played with 8 decks) cards. 

And one more thing. Gamblers advise remembering about 3 this casino baccarat tips:

  1.  Never play drunk.
  2. Always count your money.
  3. Don’t try to return your losses at once.

And of course, play for the pleasure, not to compete with someone.

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